5 Best Herta Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail

Herta is more than just a fun follow-up attack motion, and players can make her even better by giving her the right light cones.

In Honkai: Star Rail, Herta is one of the most mysterious and smart characters you can play as in terms of the story. She is in charge of the Herta Space Station, which has many of her robots, including the one that players can use as a playable character. As one of the emanators of the Erudition path, the original Herta is also thought to be very powerful in her true state.

Herta may not be as exciting to play as other characters, though. Still, Herta is one of the characters in Honkai: Star Rail who can be played for free. Players can get her and her eidolons for free as they move through the story of the Simulated Universe and finish certain levels. Her gear as a whole is best for being a sub-DPS, and she is especially helpful when farming things like calyxes. To get the most out of her, players should make sure she is built right and has the right light cones that make her Ultimate and follow-up move especially useful.

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