6 Interesting Facts About Alhaitham In Genshin Impact

Even though Alhaitham has a strange personality, some people may think he is easy to understand. However, there is more to this scholar’s design than meets the eye.

The Sumeru region of Genshin Impact presented a lot of different characters, including Alhaitham, who is the current scribe of Sumeru Akademiya. Alhaitham was first released in Genshin Impact version update 3.4. He and many other Sumeru figures will be rerun early in version 3.7, giving players another chance to get him.

Most players know how Alhaitham plays and what he does as a Dendro main-DPS. They also know how important he is to the Sumeru story arc. However, some players may have missed some details about his design as well as some coincidences and secrets about his character.

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