8 Resident Evil Games Albert Wesker Appears In

In the Resident Evil games, Albert Wesker is the main character. How many games has he been in so far?

Albert Wesker was the first bad guy in the Resident Evil series and is still by far the most famous, even though he hasn’t been in the main story of a game since Resident Evil 5 came out almost 15 years ago. This character is very smart and cruel, and he is one of the main reasons why life-threatening bioweapons were made. He has earned his place as one of the best and most memorable bad guys in video game history.

Wesker is without a question a pure evil person who does everything he can to destroy the world and take control of it. This character is one of the most common in the series. He has been in several Resident Evil games since his first appearance in 1996, which makes me wonder how many games he has been in.

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