Bring your Designs to Life – Get Noticed with Custom Printed Sticker Designs

Have you ever noticed what makes the brands famous? Money, time, or their name? Actually, none of these! Think you are visiting some store to get a fine dining bag! What will add to the bag’s value? How will people know you are carrying some luxury accessories? 

By the logo or sticker! Yes! You heard it right! Custom printed stickers bring millions to the brands with their right and pitching use.  Whether it’s Gucci or Louis Vuitton, people crave their luxurious feel. And this becomes the selling point for the brands. Custom sticker printing serves to be one of the top-notch marketing tools as it tells the brand’s story without saying a single word. 

Business logos or stickers mean to be a quick and clear reflection of your target market. If you have a creative mind and love to design something new without any reason, don’t waste your talent, my friend! Use your designs to make personalized stickers for brands and get noticed in the industry. 

Now the question you might get stuck with is how custom sticker printing makes your dream of being a king of the industry a reality! I will provide some directions on using these stickers and becoming king in the industry. Let’s continue reading!

Why Should You Use Custom Stickers?

In the era we live in, sometimes it becomes so challenging to capture the hearts of consumers. You can beat the world and achieve success only by giving something valuable to the consumers. In this regard, using custom printed stickers on your products becomes crucial, even from water bottles to cosmetics. 

There are lots of reasons for using it; I will share some of the important ones with you.

  • It identifies your brand
  • Boost your sales
  • Customers get to know about the products
  • Great way to reinforce the targeted clients

Some Directions For Making Stickers Designs – Explore The Art

Have you ever considered why some products don’t become the focal point of the shoppers? I guess, yes! You have observed it whenever you go to any shop. This is because nobody loves to see boring and dull designs.  Now it’s your turn to see how you can bring life into your designs. Unlock the power of creativity in your designs and think what will be the best things that will amplify your designs. 

In this section, I will give you some directions on adding beauty to your designs and making them noticeable for every age group. 

  • Text

There are many text styles available in the industry. Use those styles that are easily viewable and readable to the customers. You can also specify some unique fonts for your brand that gives an enticing look to the design. Use these techniques in your writing.   

  • Uppercase letter
  • Bold your specific text
  • Keep it simple
  • Shapes

Shapes influence consumers. It creates the best impact on the items packed inside. Stickers can be customized into any shape and size. Some stickers are tiny, and some are big. Be wise! It all goes to you which kind of stickers you want. First, see the product type and customize it according to the item. 

  • Use rectangles, circles, stars, ovals, and more
  • Colors

As we all have heard, “Colors add beauty to life.” The same goes for the stickers—design stickers according to the brand’s needs. For example, Coca-cola stickers are red, indicating thrill and energy. Every color has some specific meaning. 

  • Use color contrasts
  • Use vibrant colors
  • Keep it simple as you can
  • Use according to the brand theme 
  • Images

Humans love to see things that are represented visually. It is human nature that they are automatically attracted to the picture. Images speak the brand story itself. So, always be ready to become the apple of the eye by offering visual presentations to the users.

  • Try to make your design simple
  • 2D designs are recommended
  • Don’t use complex design that gives a messy look and is challenging to understand

Some Do’s of Custom Sticker Printing

Do you know the rocket science behind how to make sticker designs more powerful that imprint on customers’ minds? I guess not! Wait! I will tell you all the secrets one by one.

  • Done Selection of Materials Wisely 

Materials are the first thing that can create a positive impact on the customers. Every material has its own characteristics. If quality materials are used in the stickers designs, they will last longer, and whenever users see them, it will leave a smile on their faces. 

As someone said: “Without fine quality, it does not matter what something costs.”

Let me clear this point with an example. If any stickers are made up of kraft and used on bath and body products, they will lose their identity earlier because they are not waterproof stickers. Alternatively, use waterproof synthetic stickers with an additional protection layer and give the best customer experience. 

  • Be Conscious while Choosing Transparent Sticker Labels

The transparent stickers highlight the packaging. You can see what’s inside it. Sometimes, air bubbles and crimps become clearly visible on the stickers. You can avoid it using a coat of white base to protect it from the content. This will make your custom stickers more visible. Matte Laminate can help you in reducing unnecessary textures.

Bring Life to Your Brand with Custom Sticker Printing

Have you ever found yourself stuck in enhancing brand recognition? If yes, here I will provide you with a solution. As we all know, we live in a digital era of TikTok videos and Snapchat; conventional techniques like old stickers can be ignored in this age. Now the question is how is it possible to shine with these stickers? 

If we look into the past, in 1935, Stanton Avery had little idea of how these stickers would create an impact on the brand image when the very first time he created a self-adhesive sticker.  As time passes, custom stickers become versatile and proved helpful in boosting the name of the brand. Use some valuable techniques in designing the custom stickers and become the talk of the world in attracting customers.

These small things highlight the messages in your designs and convince the customers to purchase. 

Summing It Up

To sum up, custom stickers are a fun and creative way to use them on your packaging. It is a solid and effective advertising tool; no one can neglect its importance in the market. Understand the audience, and design stunning stickers to captivate your audience. You can amplify your brand awareness using custom printed stickers services offered by Vive Printing in Canada.


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