Can you save a IGTV video from Instagram to your Mac?

You can watch long-form IGTV videos from your favorite creators. Do you want to save some IGTV videos to your Mac device so that you can watch them for fun on a boring trip? Yes, you are coming to the proper spot. Through this tutorial, we will introduce different ways to download IGTV videos, which are impossible to complete within the Instagram app. 

According to my experience, using online downloaders is the best method to download IGTV videos from Instagram. So, here I pick the latest trending tools for downloading IGTV videos;

  1. Ingramer
  2. SaveIGTV
  3. iGram
  4. InSaver
  5. DownloadGram
  6. ToolZu

Thankfully, there are people who share and find different methods of doing this downloading IGTV process. So, it is a simple thing to download Instagram IGTV videos on your Mac device now. Most importantly, there are multiple methods to do this process. So if by chance the selected mode doesn’t work for your device, just try out the other one.

Why do you need an IGTV video downloader?

If you’re someone who likes to collect and download Instagram videos, you find them attractive on IGTV. Then you can collect the best IGTV video downloader for your content collection. Moreover, without needing the internet or Wi-Fi, you can easily watch content offline. That way, through IGTV video downloaders, you can easily, and without any app, save content offline. So, let’s find the best IGTV video downloader for your Mac device!

My top picks


Ingramer lets you download videos and images on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For Instagram, this adorable tool offers photo, video, and IGTV video downloading online services that anyone can easily handle. Ingramer is very easy to use where you just have to paste the link of the IGTV video you hope to save and then it allows you to simply download your favorite videos with one simple click.


  • Very easy to use
  • High-Quality Video Download
  • Quick and easy download
  • Free to use
  • Secure downloads 


  • Available online only


This is another great IGTV video downloader that can be accessed free of cost to download IGTV videos effortlessly. This is a flexible online tool that is essential to download IGTVs anywhere, anytime by simply visiting their website and pasting the link of the video one hope to save. You can download high-resolution videos in the quickest way possible. And it has a simple copy-paste downloading method.


  • Fast Download 
  • Unlimited download
  • No ads


No app available


This is a forward tool for downloading Instagram IGTV on your Mac device. As a special feature, you can try the album downloader feature to download an album and save it to share it with your friends who aren’t present on Instagram. In fact, the platform offers multiple download options for you! 


  • Designed in an organized way
  • Album downloader feature
  • Multiple download quality options
  • No limits on the number of downloads


  • Certain download issues 


InSaver makes it agreeable for iOS users to download IGTV videos from Instagram. It has a basic download process and all you need to copy the link of the video and then click on the ‘Save’ icon from the available options. InSaver is a very simple tool and it does not require any special technical skill to handle this tool. 


  • Specially designed for iOS users
  • Easily manageable
  • No download restraints


  • An instant of failed downloads
  • Annoying ads available


This is a highly recommended option for both newcomers and experts. I can say, DownloadGram is the easiest way to truly download Instagram images and videos. The experience with this tool is overwhelming. This is a completely free tool with no ads in the free version. Moreover, it has the simplest one-click download option and multi-photo and video download features. The best thing is that this tool has no cons. 


  • It allows you to download Instagram videos and images in one place
  • Totally free forever
  • Download Instagram photos and videos with a one click
  • It allows you to convert videos into MP3 and MP4 formats
  • Copy-paste download method
  • You can easily download Instagram images, videos, reels, and IGTV videos hassle-free
  • No restrictions
  • Multi-photo and video download
  • Don’t need any app or software
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Completely safe tool forever
  • No ads


  • No cons to show


This Toolzu allows you to download your favorite IGTV videos to any device like tablets, smartphones, and laptops to enjoy offline whenever and wherever you want. You can easily save high-resolution IGTV videos from any account on Instagram. If you enter the IG handle name, every IGTV video on this account will be downloaded. There are no limitations to this tool. You only click the one video you need. 


  • No limitations
  • High-quality videos available


  • Not user-friendly for beginners

Have there any extra methods to download Instagram IGTV videos?

Yes, many Instagram users ask “Are there any methods to download Instagram IGTV videos from Instagram to Mac devices?” Yes, some users share their findings to download IGTV videos and I would like to share those methods with you! 

Download via add-ons

This is a basic method that will let you know how to capture videos from Instagram. Just need a browser extension to use this approach. And also this method is only useful for PC users. 

Download via third-party apps

This is a famous method to download IGTV videos from Instagram. For that, you can use Insta Saver, Repost for IG, Quick Save, InsGet, and more 3-rd party apps. But the only drawback is that you have to download an app on your Mac device.


In conclusion, downloading Instagram IGTV videos is pretty simple than ever before with the use of various online tools, mobile applications, and browser extensions. However, it is always essential to respect the intellectual property of content creators and ensure that you are not violating any copyright laws when downloading or sharing videos. So, try the best method for you! See you in another article to help you with Instagram. 

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