Ethereal Opulence: Opal Jewelry for Graceful Charm


Opal is a gem that forms from fluids containing a lot of silica. Its name, Upala, means “valuable stone” in Sanskrit. During the Roman period, it was known as Opallios. There are two types of opals: common and precious. Opal jewelry is often associated with amplification, hope, and purity.

Opal is considered a mineraloid because it lacks a crystalline structure and is amorphous. It consists mostly of silicon dioxide and water, with a high water content. As it moves through cracks and fissures in the ground, it absorbs silica particles, resulting in compact silica spheres. Opal represents rain, tears from the sky, and storms. It is softer than quartz and displays excellent color play, making it a poetic display of movement.

The opal stone is an enigmatic dance of light, purity, and a thousand sparkling hues, with a fire burning beneath its surface. Its spectral colors, sparkle, and its cool weight make it a great visual treat. Opal is famous for its connection to myth and folklore, and it is a powerful amplifier stone.

Healing Properties of Opal Jewelry

Opal jewelry possesses high vibrational energy and amplification skills and promotes balance. It is known for its healing properties and ability to inspire optimism, good fortune, and creativity. Those who possess opal jewelry may attract positivity into their lives and use it as a good luck charm.

Opal jewelry fosters lightness and spontaneity, making it a great tool for creative endeavors. It also connotes luxury, extravagance, and a certain status. Wearing opal jewelry brings comfort and trust in oneself while providing the luxuries of good fortune, luck, desire, love, and seduction. It encourages one to experience the full spectrum of life.

In addition to its metaphysical qualities, opal jewelry has physical healing properties. It has been said to lower fevers, boost the immune system, and relieve chest and respiratory pressure. It is also a helpful companion for those on a journey back to full health, as it enhances liver function, decreases PMS and labor pain, and improves eye radiance, skin cells, and nail and hair health. Opal jewelry also assists in cleansing the system and reducing water retention.

How to Use Opal Jewelry

Wearing opal jewelry, like an opal ring, opal earring, opal pendant, opal necklace, or opal bracelet, is one of the most effective ways to access the healing abilities of opal. When pressed against the skin, opal jewelry can transmit its powerful vibrations to where it is needed most. Aside from being a beautiful stone that complements various styles, opal jewelry serves as a constant source of those amplification qualities. By simply having opal present, your chakras will remain open, and you will find it easier to manifest your desires. For instance, wearing an opal bracelet can help soothe your heartbeat by resting on your pulse. If you wear an opal ring, you might even catch a glimpse of a play of color, which will keep you connected to the physical world. You can keep the opal close to your heart, keep your chakra open wide and always be ready to receive love by wearing it as a necklace.  When combined with other crystals, opal enhances their energy and enjoys interacting with them. For a grounded feeling, opal complements black tourmaline and hematite. These stones are powerful and protective, particularly for advanced spiritual activities or astral travel beyond the physical realm. They can help keep you safe.

How to Clean Opal Jewelry

Keeping your opal jewelry clean and charged is crucial for maximizing its therapeutic benefits. If a crystal or mineral is overworked, it can absorb too much energy and lose some of its ability to heal. Luckily, maintaining your opal jewelry is simple and should be done once a month, after a high-energy session, or as needed.

To clean your opal jewelry, rinse it quickly under fresh water or tap water. Be careful not to expose it to hot or salt water, as opal jewelry is highly reactive to water due to its high water content. Opal is one of the most fragile minerals, so it must be handled with care. If you want a safe way to cleanse your opal jewelry, you can also smudge it. By burning a sage bundle and passing the smoke over your precious opal jewelry for a brief period of time, you can eliminate any unwanted energy and cleanse it once again.


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