How to buy YouTube subscribers?

With millions of content creators competing for views and subscribers, YouTube has grown to be one of the most widely used platforms for sharing video content. Building a loyal fan base is crucial for many creators, and they may ask if they can buy YouTube subscribers to hasten the process.

For many creators, the number of subscribers they have matters a lot. Thus, despite being unethical, buying youtube subscribers becomes an easy and quick solution to gaining confidence in your content and channel. In such cases, the question of ‘How to buy youtube subscribers?’ arises. Thus, in today’s article, we will elaborate on different ways to buy youtube subscribers.

Reasons to Buy Youtube Subscribers

Before delving into the topic, it becomes important to understand why a creator would want to buy youtube subscribers for their channel. Some creators buy subscribers, so it helps improve the channel’s credibility. If the channel has enough subscribers, viewers will visit the channel to see what the hype is about. In several other cases, creators buy youtube subscribers if they are new to the platform and content creation. Creators also see buying youtube subscribers as a successful means when they struggle to grow their channel audience. In all the scenarios mentioned earlier, buying subscribers becomes a quick and easy resort to solve issues related to the channel’s growth and credibility.

Ways to Buy Youtube Subscribers

Buying youtube subscribers involves paying third parties/ applications to increase the subscriber count on the channel. Many websites and applications charge some amount of money and, in return, increase the channel subscribers using fake ids/ accounts. These fake subscribers have usually programmed bots that are being trained to comment on and like videos now and then. Thus, we will list down all the sources from which youtube subscribers can be bought hassle-free. 

Buying subscribers from third-party websites

You can buy YouTube subscribers from websites that often sell subscribers for some amount. These websites ask for a specific sum of money to help your channel gain the desired number of subscribers. Various packages are available on these websites from which you can choose the number of subscribers you want to add to your channel. These packages start from fifty subscribers and can go as high as thousands of subscribers. Some websites also offer subscriber packages based on the exact number of subscribers you put into the database.

Most of these websites offer real-time subscribers commissioned to watch your videos, subscribe to your channel, and engage with the content. These fake subscribers will watch your content and actively engage with it. As a result, it will remove the suspicion of buying fake subscribers from your channel and prevent it from getting identified by Youtube. If identified for wrongdoings, the channel can get suspended, or the creator can even get banned from youtube. Youtube has several strict rules for those who are caught buying subscribers; thus, you would want to avoid being caught doing that. In such cases, buying subscribers from reliable sources becomes very important. The websites that sell real-time subscribers are the ones that can be trusted and should be used to buy subscribers from youtube. 

Buying subscribers from Youtube ads

Some websites display ads on Youtube to buy subscribers from them. A person can access these websites by clicking on the ad displayed in the video. This will redirect the user to the website where they can buy the subscribers in their desired numbers. The process of buying subscribers is similar to the one mentioned above. These websites also usually feature chat support and trials that can help clients test the services before buying the actual pack, which costs a larger sum. The support staff also helps smoothen out the process of buying the subscribers and helps you clarify any doubts you might have in the process.

These ways are the safest and quickest approaches to buying subscribers for a youtube channel. They even have services like customer support and trial, which enable you to try out the features before making a bigger purchase. The range of subscribers is huge. It ranges from 50-1000 subscribers generally and can even go higher.

Advantages of Buying Youtube Subscribers

  • Increases social outreach: It is a general notion that if the channel has many subscribers, it is popular and credible. Thus, it will increase the channel’s overall standing and promote the content and channel itself. Since there are more subscribers, Youtube’s algorithm would also showcase the channel’s videos to a larger audience.
  • Jump-start Growth: If the channel is new, buying subscribers can also give a head start on building the audience for the channel. Since Youtube has a minimum subscriber requirement to enable your channel for monetization, buying subscribers can also help reach that goal much quicker.
  • Engagement Increased: BY buying subscribers, the channel’s credibility increases. Thus, there are chances that genuine engagement on the channel can also get hyped, like the number of likes, comments on videos, or new subscribers can increase because people may likely engage more with popular accounts.


Buying subscribers is an easy way to increase a channel’s outreach. It is quick and simple and can give the channel the boost it needs. For a channel that has just launched, it can give a jump start, leading to increased engagement. Buying subscribers also increases the popularity and credibility of the channel, making it more visible to the audience.

Thus, it becomes necessary to buy subscribers from credible sources which do not provide bots as fake subscribers because they are very easy to detect. If the source provides real-time fake subscribers and assistance, it can become a reliable way to increase the channel’s outreach. Read also!

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