How Unakite Gemstone Customizes Your Everyday Looks


A stunning semi-precious stone with unique pink and green tones is unakite. This stone, also known as epidote granite, is widely renowned for boosting one’s emotional condition. Healing practitioners have traditionally utilized this lovely gem to encourage peace and appreciation. A person who wants to feel more at peace and learn to live in the present now could use this stone. Continue reading to learn more about the uses of unakite as a healing stone as well as its significance and therapeutic qualities.

Meaning of Unakite

Unakite is a magnificent crystal with a broad variety of therapeutic powers, named after the Unakas Mountains in Western North California, where it was originally discovered. A metamorphic rock called unakite is made up of pink orthoclase, quartz, and green epidote. The majority of examples of this stone have a lovely pattern of pink and green hues.

Unakite, which is also known as Unakite Jasper or Epidote Granite, is rather common and may be readily obtained in a broad range of forms and sizes, including spheres, wands, and raw bits. Unakite is renowned for having distinctive vibrations that aid in the emotional body’s mending. This stone gives out calming energy that opens the Heart chakra, promoting appreciation and love. Unakite is almost as hard as Clear Quartz, with a Mohs Hardness of 6 to 7. You may use moon water, other crystals, or sage to charge and purify it.

Healing Properties of Unakite Jewelry

Unakite jewelry is renowned for having a wide range of therapeutic benefits. This gorgeous pink and green heart-shaped stone is great for regulating your emotions and encouraging self-love. You may discover a few additional ways that Unakite jewelry can calm your body, mind, and spirit below. Unakite jewelry has outstanding physical healing qualities that are compassionate and helpful. One of the key advantages of Unakite jewelry is that it is ideal for ladies and is definitely a must for potential mothers.

Unakite jewelry is excellent for enhancing the condition of the body’s organs, particularly the ovaries. Ovulation stimulation and cramp pain relief are two benefits of Unakite jewelry. Additionally, Unakite jewelry is supposed to assist in preventing difficulties during pregnancy and labor. This stone may also be of tremendous assistance to those who are struggling with addictions. Unakite jewelry helps you resist the mental desire to use drugs or other substances by enhancing your strength.

Unakite jewelry can also assist you in losing weight and motivate you to improve your health, which is a fantastic advantage. Using this stone might provide you with the additional support you need to get through this if you are having trouble. Unakite is unquestionably one of the greatest stones for emotional healing due to its strong link to the Heart chakra. It is a crystal that radiates tranquilizing vibrations that encourage peace and harmony. You may wear Unakite jewelry every day if you wish to live a more tranquil existence.

Everyone experiences stress, which is a typical human response. But with Unakite jewelry, you’ll discover how to meet life’s obstacles head-on and with confidence. Unakite jewelry may be helpful for those who fear failure since it helps you become the greatest version of yourself. With this stone at your side, you’ll learn to forgive yourself for your past transgressions and keep in mind that failure is only a necessary component of success. Last but not least, Unakite jewelry contains cleansing qualities that might assist you in ridding your body of pollutants. Additionally, it promotes cell division and strengthens the immune system of the body.

Crystal Combinations That Work Well With Unakite

A strong gemstone with good therapeutic qualities is unakite. It may be combined with other stones to provide even greater therapeutic advantages. A few stones that complement unakite well are listed below:


Given that both Rhodonite and Unakite encourage compassion, they go together nicely. They make you feel love and empathy, which improves your understanding of both yourself and other people. Both stones have the power to heal emotional damage and aid in emotional equilibrium. Rhodonite is the ideal partner for Unakite since it also opens the heart and base chakras.

Blue Jasper

The stone of protection known as red jasper has many healing properties. These two stones, together with unakite, have the power to transform negative energy into good energy. Unakite and Red Jasper may also provide user stability. They encourage you to live a more balanced life in order to accomplish this. The fact that both gems help speed up the decision-making process by encouraging bravery and fortitude is another fantastic advantage of this combination.

How To Use Unakite

Unakite will certainly feed your mind if you decide to utilize it for its therapeutic properties. It is a stunning pink and green gemstone. Unakite may be used in a variety of contexts throughout daily life. Here is what you can do with it, whether you want to keep it on your altar or utilize it as a potent healing tool:

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Since unakite is rather common, it is simple to locate many jewelry items that include this lovely stone. Unakite jewelry exudes loving energy, making it simple to wear every day without being too stressed out. Its calming energy will have a great impact on you and make you feel calmer and more relaxed throughout the day.

Use Affirmations

One of the greatest methods to get the most out of your crystal is by using affirmations. Affirmations may be used in conjunction with unakite to encourage self-love and activate the heart chakra. Just hold your crystal in your palm and say the affirmations “I honor my life,” “All I need is within me,” or “I am enough” numerous times.


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