15 Best Places For Shopping in Singapore In 2023

With its diverse offerings and affordable prices, Singapore has become an ultimate haven for shoppers seeking variety and value, from household appliances and cutting-edge electronics to fashionable clothing and footwear selections. This dynamic city has it all. We listed the Best places for shopping in Singapore.

The bustling markets of Singapore have truly earned their acclaim as outstanding shopping destinations. However, you can find various products spanning electronics to clothing across the city. Several standout locations showcase the pinnacle of global merchandise. Ensuring a shopping experience like no other.

Shopping in Singapore: 15 Best Places To Consider

1. Orchard Road

It is the best place for Shopping in Singapore. The road is packed with local and international departmental stores, mega malls, and boutiques that serve every need. From budget to high-end shopping of electronics, apparel, and housewares, you will find everything here. ION Orchards, Far East Plaza, and Orchard Central are popular places on Orchard Road for shopping.

2. Marina Bay

The area is home to some of the best shopping malls in Singapore. Marina Bay is among the famous places in Singapore and one of the best places for shopping. The place is great for both, whether you are looking for offbeat, local shopping or high-end brands. Raffles City and the Shoppes is the best place to shop here.

3. Little India

It is a haven for people looking to shop in Singapore. Little India is the most colourful place to shop to their heart’s content. You can find sari, jewellery, silverware, spices, flower garlands, and almost everything in the lanes of Little India. Mustafa Centre, Little India Arcade, and Serangoon Road Side Street shops are the best place to buy. This is one of the best destinations for shopping during your Singapore Cruise Package.

4. Chinatown

It is the best place for cheap shopping in Singapore. The area has some fascinating shopping places that are best for budget shoppers. Chinatown is the best place to buy clothes, souvenirs, and spices, as most shops sell them at very low prices. Books, Ann Sian Road, and Chinatown Point are the best stores in Chinatown.

5. Haji Lane

If you are looking for street shopping places in Singapore, head to Haji Lane. The narrow street of Haji Lane offers a mix of accessories, clothes, and vintage cameras at cute stores and boutiques across the Arab Quarter. Haji Lane is the perfect place to shop for unique things. Dulcet Fig, Fabulous Fads, and Tangers are popular places in this Singapore shopping street.

6. IMM

Under the largest shopping malls in Singapore, IMM is a place for shopaholics who love brand shopping. There are around 80 outlets in the mall, and one can find local and international brands here. Be it Charles & Keith or DKNY, COACH, or Sacoor; you will find many big brands here. It is also a place to shop for home furnishing.

7. Clarke Quay

Apart from being a fancy waterfront hangout spot, it is also a famous place for Shopping in this city. Clarke Quay has many fashion outlets, malls, and boutique stores. You can shop from high-end to local brands here. Riverside Point, Central Clarke Quay, and Great World City are popular places for shipping here.

8. Bugis Street

Located between Marina Bay and Little India, Bugis Street is among Singapore’s top places for cheap shopping. It is the cheapest Singapore market to buy clothes, accessories, electronics, souvenirs, cosmetics, and houseware. There are around 800 shops and stalls, which will give you a fun shopping experience.

9. City Plaza

It is one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore, where you can buy tons of things in one place. If you want budget shopping in Singapore, head to City Plaza. The five-floor mall has everything you need, from clothes to makeup, gadgets, home furnishing, and more. Refresh, Power Photo Store and Whitefiction are popular stores here.

10. Scape Underground

It’s one of the most affordable places to go shopping in Singapore. It’s a part of SCAPE- a youth upliftment centre that promotes talents. If you are looking for budget shopping in Singapore, it is an ideal place, and most of the retailers here are youth of the island country.

11. Holland Village

Holland Village is another famous shopping place in Singapore that will answer your question about what to shop in Singapore. It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs to bring back home from a trip. Made-in- Asia Trinkets, carpets, wearables, antiques, arts, and crafts, home furnishings, Crocs footwear, and the list of things to buy here is endless.

12. Lucky Plaza

It will give you a glimpse of a shopping centre in Singapore in the past. Lucky Plaza is a 20-year-old building and a popular place for cheap shopping in Singapore that is famous among locals and tourists. You will find good quality products at cheap prices here.

13. Tanglin Mall Bazaar

It is different from other places for Shopping in Singapore. What makes it different are the items like retro-styled clothes, second-hand types of vinyl, vintage CDs, and other items found in this market. You can visit the store anytime and shop from here easily as it’s not crowded like other places in Singapore.

14. Editor’s Market

Give yourself retail therapy at Editor’s Market, as it’s a perfect place to indulge in budget shopping in Singapore. It’s a multi-brand outlet and follows the step pricing policy, meaning the more you purchase, the less you pay. You can find top international labels to fashion from the vintage era here.

15. Mustafa Centre

One of the places to indulge in cheap shopping in Singapore. No matter what you buy, you will get them at unbelievable rates here. The centre is open 07 days a week and 24 hours a day so you can visit it anytime or even at night. You can buy electronics, chocolates, fabrics, jewellery, and souvenirs here at cheap prices.


Shopping in Singapore is a great experience, and you can find various items to shop including chocolates, electronics, handbags, souvenirs, edibles, and more. So add these shopping destinations to your list, and enjoy shopping!

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