The Best Class To Choose In Starship Troopers: Extermination

How you want to play determines which class is best for you. Find out where you end up in Starship Troopers: Extermination based on how you play the game.

In Starship Troopers: Extermination, a successful mission needs good awareness, base-building skills, FPS skills, and, most importantly, teamwork. The Arachnids of Valaka are mean, and it seems like they have an army of bugs that never ends. To stay alive on a Veteran mission, you’ll need to learn your roles and Trooper class fast.

You can choose from three different classes to fight the bugs. Each class has different tools and skills. A team with a good mix of Operators, Hunters, and Bastions will keep the war going, whether it’s by reviving troops, fortifying places, or taking ground with the Hunters’ speed.

Is The Hunter Class Right For You?

Is The Hunter Class Right For You?

The Hunter Class is a typical run-and-gun assault trooper that is great for capturing objectives and attacking enemy land. Has a jetpack and can run faster than any other fighter. Hunter-class troops are best used to protect troopers carrying ore and gas from refineries to the base.

The Hunter is a great class if you like to play quickly and be in the middle of the fight.

Even though the Hunter is designed for fast, mobile gameplay, it has less guns than the Bastion or the Operator. Only the Morita Mk 1 Carbine and the Morita Mk 3 Hawkeye can be unlocked by Hunters. But expect this to change in improvements to come.

Evasion And Maneuverability

Evasion And Maneuverability

Even though the Hunter has fewer weapons than other classes, that doesn’t make them less useful in fight. Hunters are good at using the Pilum Rocket Launcher because they can use their jetpacks to get away from Bugs when they are outnumbered and to reach safe spots that are out of reach of physical damage.

At the end of a task, whether they met their goals or not, all troopers must try to get out of the area. The extraction spots are far from the ARC base. This part of the mission is chaotic and exciting as the troopers try to escape the growing number of bugs.

Hunters are better at extraction than Bastions and Operators because their jetpacks and fast run speeds make them much more likely to stay alive.

During extraction, it’s a good idea to cover your fellow troopers, since all players get an experience bonus based on the number of troopers who are safely extracted. As the Hunter, you can use your jetpack to fly to higher ground away from the Arachnids and push the Bugs away from your team and group members.

Hunter Perks And Utilities

Hunter Perks And Utilities

The Hunter Class doesn’t have many options for weapons or perks, but you can give your Operator and Bastion warrior two of a total of six perks.

As a Hunter, you can only choose from five perks. Remember that Starship Troopers is in Early Access, and new perks will be added to fill in the “In Development” holes.

Pain Booster is the first perk unlocked by a Hunter. It makes the trooper much more likely to stay alive by making them move faster when they are hit by a Bug in melee combat.

By turning on Seige Mode, bastions can protect themselves from Bugs that get too close, but they can’t always count on it because it has a rest time. So, The Hunter has one of the best early-game abilities to get away from Arachnids.

Is The Operator Class Right For You

Is The Operator Class Right For You

The Operator is equipped with a medical UAV. During a fight, the Operator can use the UAV to bring downed troopers back to life. If you like being the main target and helping other people in FPS games, the Operator is the best class to choose.

This is because the Operator can take a canister of ore or gas on their back, which lets them shoot while bringing supplies to the base.

Since you’ll be playing the objective more than the Hunter or Bastion classes, you’ll get a lot more experience at the end of each fight. The Operator can bring back to life more than twenty troops per game, which helps them gain experience.

A Veteran task can’t be finished without Operators, since Arachnids now have a lot more health and do more damage when they attack. You will become an important soldier on the battlefield. As the Operator, you’ll be a key part of getting the most troops out of the area.

Since the UAV is fully self-sufficient, you can use it during extraction to bring back downed troops without giving up your own mobility, which is nearly impossible for other classes to do without dying.

High Damage Output

High Damage Output

At the moment, the Operator class is probably the most overpowered of the three. You can heal quickly with the UAV and First Aid Stim, and you can do a lot of damage with the Grenade Launcher, which the Operator class can unlock. The Grenade Launcher can kill warrior drones in one shot and quickly kill Gunners who are killing your fellow troopers.

The Operator class is for you if you like sharpshooter guns and sniper rifles.

The Operator’s first weapon is the TW 202-L Morita Hawkeye rifle, which is a high-damage, accurate shooter with more than enough bullets in a clip to kill Arachnids at a distance and up close.

Gunner Bugs are a big threat in battle because they can kill troopers who are just standing still. This makes it hard to manually bring down soldiers and bring them back to life. Gunners normally stand back and shoot from a distance, so the Hawkeye and SAW are really the only standard weapons that can kill them.

Operator Perks And Utilities

Operator Perks And Utilities

Is The Bastion Class Right For You?

Is The Bastion Class Right For You?

The Bastion Class is great for people who like to hunker down and fire an LMG at a large group of spiders. The Bastion is a heavy combat class that focuses on firing fire that kills many Bugs at once. If you want light machine guns and armor more than mobility and speed, the Bastion class is a great pick.

Penalty Kick Online is a great game for people who like to set up defenses.

When you play as the Bastion, you’ll see things from a different angle. While Operators and Hunters run and shoot for objectives, you’ll set up defenses to help them get there by covering troopers and goals. This can leave you alone at a camp or refinery.

Since the Bastion has Heavy Armor and the Seige Mode, you’ll have better protection during rescue, but you’ll also be the most at risk. You should always be on the lookout for good places to use Seige Mode.

Morita Mk. 3 SAW: The Bastion’s Trophy Weapon

Morita Mk. 3 SAW: The Bastion's Trophy Weapon

The Morita Mk. 3 SAW is the prize weapon of the Bastion and one of the most famous guns in the series. It is a monster of a gun that can load 150 rounds at once, making it the best gun for taking out huge groups of Bugs.

But don’t think that fire will keep falling on the Arachnids forever. You can run out of bullets after just one swarm of Bugs, and without Seige Mode, the gun has terrible kickback.

You won’t be able to run and shoot like a Hunter or an Operator, and you’ll have a hard time if your teammates don’t put down Ammo Fabricators for you. So, games can go well or badly based on how well your team plays.

High Defense Seige Mode

High Defense Seige Mode

In Seige Mode, the Bastion can put out a circle shield that makes the weapon more stable and protects the trooper from Arachnids. The Morita Mk. 3 SAW’s recoil is almost impossible to control, but firing while in Seige Mode lets you keep the gun steady and hit targets far away.

Even though the Bastion can use the Morita Mk. 1 and the Carbine version, your main weapon in battle will be the SAW. Because of this, the class has less variety than the other groups at the moment.

Since the only tool that works is the Morita Mk. 3 Saw. When you play the Bastion, you will always be watching the timer for Seige Mode. Because of this, it’s hard for you to move around. If you can’t use your shields, you might not be able to do anything in a fight.

Starship Troopers: Extermination is all about working as a team. As a Hunter, you can run away, but as a Bastion, you have to stay with the other troops. In Siege Mode, setting up multiple Bastions is not only useful but also a lot of fun.

Bastion Perks And Utilities

Bastion Perks And Utilities

Even though some perks are shared by all three trooper classes, only the Bastion can unlock the Hardened Ceramic Armor perk. This perk lowers ranged attacks by 50% and is only available to the Bastion. Gunner Bugs are a very big problem for soldiers on the battlefield. Their plasma attacks from a distance can kill an entire squad of troops who are out in the open.

The passives Hardened Ceramic Armor and Heavy Armor make it easy for a Bastion to kill a Gunner and make it take less damage when they attack.

The Bastion’s next perk is the Magazine Bandolier, which you can get at level seven. It lets you carry more weapon mags, which is an important perk for the Bastion since you’ll often run out of ammo. You won’t be able to get Extended Magazines until you reach level 20.

If you like to move around a lot, the Bastion is not a good class for you. But that doesn’t mean you can stay put until you get the Extended Mags and Magazine Bandolier.

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