The Best-Known Noida Preschool to Grade 12 Educational Institutions and The Fees That They Charge

Noida is one of India’s premier industrial and information technology hubs. It is home to a large number of young professionals who have settled there taking advantage of its fabulous infrastructure. Noida preschool as well as high schools are some of the best in the country with most of the leading global and Indian school chains having a presence there.

Exploring Noida’s educational landscape, we’ll delve into renowned preschools and high schools. Additionally, we’ll uncover the diverse Class 7 fees structure across these institutions, aiding parents in informed decisions.

The Best-Known Noida Preschool to Grade 12 Educational Institutions

  • Global Indian International School, Noida

Global Indian International School, Noida, is one of the best-known pre-nursery to grade 12 schools in the town. It boasts a sprawling campus with the latest cutting-edge amenities and facilities with some highly qualified and experienced teachers as the faculty. The students in the pre-nursery to KG2 section have access to the internationally acclaimed Global Montessori Plus curriculum, while the rest of them are offered the CBSE syllabus.

The school attaches great importance to holistic education and this is adequately reflected both in its academic as well as extracurricular activity track record.  As regards the class 7 fees charged by the school, is Rs.153920 (total annual recurring).

  • DPS Noida

Founded in 1982 DPS Noida or Delhi Public School, Noida, provides a world-class nursery to grade 12 education to approximately 5000 students. Established under the auspices of the iconic DPS Society New Delhi, the school has a sprawling and well-appointed campus spread across 150 acres. It also houses 150 students in its hostel.

The school provides every possible cutting-edge facility and amenity to ensure that the students receive the best possible holistic education comprising both academics and a range of extracurricular activities. The monthly class 7 fee charged by the school is Rs.9940.

DPS Noida is easily one of the most sought-after schools in the region. This is on account of its pedigree and the fact that its students invariably go on to achieve great success in life.

  • GD Goenka Global School, Noida

Reputed to be amongst the top schools in Noida offering the CBSE curriculum, the school boasts a world-class cutting-edge campus with air-conditioned classrooms, laboratories and activity rooms. It is known to provide world-class holistic education to its students in its nursery, primary and middle levels. The teachers employed by the school are extremely well qualified and experienced and leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that every student learns and grows to the best of their potential.  The monthly class 7 fee charged by the school is Rs.13,500.



Noida stands as a prominent educational hub, with a world-class range of schools committed to providing unmatched education for its students and youth. The city is dedicated to academic brilliance, and this is evident through the remarkable achievements of its young talents across various fields. This commitment to nurturing great minds has not only boosted Noida’s reputation in the world of education but has also contributed significantly to the city’s overall development. The success stories of Noida’s youth serve as proof of the transformative power of quality education and the limitless potential it unlocks in individuals.

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