What Are Some Notable Differences Between Public and Private Schools in Singapore?

It is not easy to select a school for your child, and in this process, you will have the added pressure of making the right choice. You need to ensure that the kind of education they receive and the company they keep at school are appropriate.

Though you can judge a school by various metrics, the two main categories are public and private schools. In this guide, you will know some of the major differences between both types of schools and decide which one can suit your child. 

Differences between a Public and a Private School in Singapore

Some of the main differences between a public and a private school in Singapore are as follows:

1. Admission process

Most of the children attending public schools come from less privileged backgrounds, and it is unfair to subject them to hard tests. As a result, the admission process and gaining admission is easy in such schools.

But in the case of private school, they screen admissions more thoroughly so that better students can gain admission. The tests or admission exams are tougher in a private school and are more competitive.

2. Cost of Singapore primary school fees

It is easier and more affordable to educate your child in a public international school because the government funds them. The lower fee structure allows people who earn low to gain fundamental education.

Private schools are comparatively more expensive due to their higher standards of education. The difference in Singapore primary school fees is one of the biggest between private and public schools in Singapore.

3. Infrastructure

Facilities such as science experiments, sports grounds, computer labs and other teaching equipment are always available in private schools. But most of these are not available or lacking in most of the public schools.

But with time, you can also find such facilities in government-led Singapore schools. Today’s public schools provide a high-quality education to your kids and have better infrastructure.

4. Quality of teachers

As private schools have more funds, they can hire teachers with high educational qualifications and specialisation. But since public schools cannot deliver the same facilities, they do not acquire the best teachers. Though over the years, better teachers have arrived in public schools.

When a private school hires a qualified teacher, they need to pay more money, and as a result, Singapore primary school fees in those schools are high. But many parents enrol their kids in public schools as the quality of teachers and education have improved over the years.

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5.  Size of classes

Due to smaller class sizes, teachers can pay closer attention to their students in private schools. But even though the students are in private schools, the Singapore primary school fees are higher in such schools.

But in a public school, the size of a class is huge as the admission fees are less, and students may face problems in getting a grasp of things. But with time, even public schools have improved, and the size of classes is not as big as before. 

Final Words

Depending on what you want for your child’s education, you can opt to enrol them in either a public or private school. There are benefits to both types of schools though private schools cost higher as they are not run by the government and have more facilities.

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