What Can You Do With The Latest Version Of iTools?

iTools is an essential tool for managing your iOS devices. It can be used as an alternative option for iTunes.This is a perfect solution for managing your iDevices easily. You can use this tool for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, and also this too can be downloaded for free. Now you can download the latest version of iTools. iTools 4 with more advanced functions and for all iDevices. You can download it from our official website.

iTools are specifically designed to support iOS management and manage files in your iDevices through your PC. This is the best option to keep your iOS device a trouble-free iOS operating system and use your iDevice with maximum usability. You can download this application for Windows PC as well as Mac computers. It can be used to manage your iDevices, guarantee smooth functions and also back up data of your iDevices as well.

Why iTools For You?

Why iTools use as an alternative to iTunes? Most importantly this tool can be downloaded as a free application and it is compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhones, iPod touch, and iPads. And also when compared to iTunes, this is way more user-friendly and easy to use. If you are an iPhone user and used iTunes you may know better than anyone how difficult to manage your iDevices with iTunes with the sort of restrictions. That’s why iDevice users tend to look for an alternative option for iTunes.

But now you have iTools with totally free and also with lots of advanced features. So no need to worry. You can use these tools to manage the iOS system, Upgrade to the latest iOS versions, etc. Most importantly, by using this application you can do anything that you are doing with iTunes more easily and without any restrictions. Now iTools latest version download is available at their official website.

The Latest Version Of iTools

Now you can download iTools 4 as the latest version of iTools. You can manage media files in your iDevices and this is the best option for you rather than using iTunes. You can manage the whole iDevice by using this with the help of a Windows or Mac computer. The latest version is way more user-friendly and it includes lots of advanced features. It is a 100% safe application for both iDevices and relevant computers. This application is mainly focused on iOS 15 OS even so it is compatible with many versions as well.

Why do we say this is a user-friendly application? iTools 4 is a free application that can be downloaded to both Windows and Mac computers, It suitable for all kinds of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. And most important this tool has not required a password or Apple ID to function. So, try iTools latest version free download now.

What Are The Features Of iTools 4?

iTools can be introduced as the best iOS management application for iDevices. The mentioned features as follows are the best evidence that proves why this is the best alternative for iTunes.

  • iTools 4 allows you to back up and restore data and files that you want.
  • iTools Airplayer is a unique tool that is introduced by this application. With the help of Airplayer you can connect your iDevices with a computer or other devices as well. If you want to share your computer screen with anyone at the meeting, this is the best option for you.
  • The image tool allows you to use high-resolution photos from both computer and phone and also you can share images with other devices.
  • iTools battery master is one of the unique features added to the latest version. It can check the battery status and also increase the battery life as well.
  • Ringtone maker allows you to create ringtones you desired.
  • The latest version of iTools comes up with a file manager feature, that helps you to manage the files in your iDevices on multiple devices.
  • iTools simulate location is one of the best advanced features of the latest version of iTools. It can manage the location and show fake GPS locations and also recover the real location as well.

iTools 4 Windows Download

iTools for Windows download can be used as an application that is suitable for transferring data, messages, music, and files through iDevices and Windows computers. This application supports with latest iOS devices such as iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max. It allows you to manage iDevices by using a Windows PC. You can use this as an alternative option for iTunes and also many advanced features which are not included in iTunes yet.

Features Of iTools Windows Version

  • This application is totally free.
  • It is not showing any advertisements, therefore it saves your valuable time as well.
  • It comes up with extra advanced features when compared to iTunes. As an example, back up and clean up tools.
  • It is way more user-friendly.

4 Mac Download

The Mac version is better than the Windows version. It works well with the iOS operating system. The Mac version is specifically developed for managing your iOS device through your Mac computer. When you use iTunes it is not much easy to use with its hard functioning process and its restrictions. But this amazing application saves your time with its user-friendly interface and easy-functioning system. So download the latest iTools for iPhone Mac version now.

Features Of Mac Version

  • As well as the Windows version, the latest version of iTools Mac also can download as a free application, and it’s 100% safe to use.
  • The most important thing is it is not required any password or Apple ID to function. iTools automatically identifies the device by itself.
  • It also works on non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices. So you don’t need to struggle with iTunes now.

Wrapping Up

iTools is the best application you can use to manage your iDevices. Now the latest version of iTools is available with plenty of advanced features when compared to iTunes. This application works well on iOS devices with its smooth functioning process as we mentioned before. So why are you still waiting? Download iTools 2022 for free and experience the most advanced features by yourself.  For Readers!


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