Why cannot I Download Facebook Videos?

There is no doubt that this was an interesting clarification if you are a Facebook enthusiast. Facebook is an interesting platform since its first day. It plays a significant role among social media platforms. People hang on there to make new friends, spend their leisure and even for business purposes too. there are so much interesting contents that come through images, articles, and videos. Each post has a reaction button to simply mark how you feel about it. And also, there is a comment section and a share button that can be used to share it on your own wall or tag a friend.

Sometimes you may need to keep those posts to watch them later. For that, all you have to do is go through the share button and add to a list using the Save option. In addition, you can download images and copy articles and use them anywhere else. But, when it comes to video clips, you cannot download them to your device at once. Do not worry. You can get to know methods of downloading videos to your smartphone and PC from here.

Can I download Facebook videos?

Of course, you can. But still, Facebook does not have a very own option that lets users download video clips. You have to follow a third-party method if you wish to bring all that videos offline.

Mainly there are two ways that assist you to save videos offline.

The first option is installing a related app. There are several third-party apps that are designed to download videos from social media platforms. Some of them are suggested explicitly for downloading Facebook videos.

Anyhow, there are several web-based tools that too lets users Facebook video online free download to their devices by submitting the post URL. So this is the second option.

What are the best apps?

There are a couple of popular applications like Video Downloader for Facebook, TubeMaster, FileMaster, My Media, and Cydia Prenesi for both iOS and Android. All these apps can install on your smart handset and simply follow instructions when you want to download an mp4 file.

Cydia Prenesi

If you wish to pick the Cydia Prenesi app, remember that it is a unique and special mp4 downloader. It cannot install on your device if you are not a jailbreak iOS user. It is a Cydia Tweak that is available only for jailbroken users.

At this point in time, not any developer suggested their applications for desktop-based users. Therefore, you can read further if you wish to have interesting clips  on your Windows or Mac. The following web-based methods can use on both smartphones and PC.

What are the best online tools?

Tools like FDown, SnapSave, FDownloader, Getfvid, Savefrom, and so on by the way of web-based FB video downloaders. The link of whatever post you wish to save offline is the key that will open the door.

Some of these kinds of tools let you change the URL and download it without visiting the related web page. Users have to use a code or a few letters and change the first part of the post URL and then navigate directly to a download page. Unless users can visit the page and use the download bar as well. There you will have to apply the link of the FB post and then click the download button.


It is important to apply the video URL to the download bar and command download when users go through tools like FDownloader. These kinds of tools are simple, user-friendly, and even fast. Unlike installing apps and dealing with long procedures, web-based tools help you to bring unlimited videos for completely free in minutes to your smartphone or computer, or laptop.

Pros and cons

Whatever method you will pick have pros and cons. Sometimes apps are easy for you can download videos right away without surfing the web for a tool. But also you will have to consider your device storage for installing an app and even mobile data when dealing with the app. Whatever app you have should update on a regular basis for better usage.

Anyhow, still you have another option to save mp4 files without installing an app. For that, all you have to do is open your web browser on your computer or a smart device and search for the specific tool web page. Then you can copy and paste the video URL there and save it. Or sometimes you can make a simple change in the post URL and enter it. You will navigate to a download page right away.

Online tools should open using your web browser. And they cannot be set up on a device like an app. But you can bookmark the page and open it each and every time you want. It won’t connect with your device’s internal storage at all. Therefore, using an online video downloader is better than installing an unknown app. And even you are free to use such tools even on your desktop too.


We have a couple of options to solve this matter as we clarified above. Thanks to developers who consider the matter so far, we have third-party applications to install on our smartphones and also simple web-based tools as well. Users can pick one of them and download all the videos they wish to have without bother. Sometimes apps are a bit complex while web-based methods always let users freely make their downloads. No need to worry about wasting mobile data and even updating apps every so often. Online tools are unlimited. And it won’t cause to remind you about your smartphone storage.

Do not forget that you can simply open a web page if it is a web-based video downloader that you picked even on your computer or laptop. If you could not download Facebook videos thus far, go through one of these and enjoy all the videos you love for absolutely free offline.

However, it is up to you since you do not have an official option though. Whatever you pick is from a third-party developer. Read also!

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