Will There be Great Electrician Jobs By 2030?

Indeed, electrician jobs give a range of electrical services that generally improve our comfort and lives. However, if you want to pursue a strong career journey, you must consider an electrician trade school. Nonetheless, you may also opt for an electrician certification program to bag electrician jobs.

What Are The Duties Of An Electrician

The career of an electrician jobs is quite pleasant at almost every stage. Indeed, opting for electricians trade schools will benefit from producing high-quality services to society.

Admittedly, electricity is one of the essentials in today’s world. Accordingly, the employment rate for an electrician will undoubtedly rise at surprising levels. Additionally, some of the primary duties of an electrician are given below.

  • An electrician will have to read blueprints to manage various systems, circuits, and portions of outlets with damage.
  • Electricians might also operate large construction sites or connect wiring systems and other electrical devices.
  • Handling measurement tools to troubleshoot obstacles effectively.
  • Operate power tools to resolve numerous electrical systems.
  • Ensuring electrical systems comply with the company guidelines.

Is Opting For An Electrician Certification Program Worthwhile?

There are many benefits of an electrician certification program. First, one can effectively grasp in-depth knowledge about the functioning of the skilled trade industry. Second, you can also enhance your learning strategies by opting for training for an electrician. Thus, this helps students combine classroom experience with industry level experience.

Since the skilled trade industry is gaining momentum and demand, many individuals opt for a career in this field. In conclusion, this industry directly contributes to the overall development of any nation.

Are Electrician Trade Schools Expensive?

Not at all! Numerous electrician trade schools offer professional programs at affordable costs. In fact, you can enroll in any of the skilled trades programs apart from electrician training. Currently, the employment growth rate for electricians is about 10 percent. This trend is most probably to continue up till 2029.

The overall cost of an electrician training program is about $19,000 approximately. One can also apply for numerous scholarships and other bursaries to complete the program.

 An aspiring technician can complete a professional electrician program in 26 weeks. Indeed, this is a great way to kickstart your career as an electrician!

Where Can One Find Job Opportunities As An Electrician In Philadelphia?

One can find numerous opportunities in many cities of Philadelphia. These cities include  Spring garden, Wynnfield Heights, Overbook Park, Wynnfield, and Haddington. However, an individual may require a license to operate in most of these cities.

In addition, different regions in Philadelphia have different rules and regulations to obtain a license. Therefore, you may have to fulfill specific licensed electrician requirements.

A student can increase his chances of bagging a top-level post with a professional electrician certification. Besides, this is a great way to gain in-depth knowledge about the practical aspects of an electrician’s job. Apart from that, a master’s program in the same domain can also help you achieve the status of a journeyman electrician!

A few of the primary responsibilities of an electrician include operating, fixing, and maintaining electrician appliances. Besides, electricians may adjust to irregular schedules, overtime work routines, and untimely duty calls. However, by enrolling in an accredited college, you can overcome these challenges efficiently.

What Are The Job Tactics Of Electricians

The electrician’s employment rate is set to rise to 10 percent from 2019 to 2032. This is about as fast as the average for all trades. There have been predictions that there will be about 85,000 openings for electricians each year, on medium, over the decade.

Many of these vacancies are expected as a result of the need to replace people who change professions or leave the workforce in other ways, such as through retirement. The average annual salary for electricians is $55,100 per year.

They can anticipate earning an additional income of $9,100 per year if they seek an apprenticeship for an electrician. There is a chance that electricians may also qualify for gains depending on their industry.


Electricians directly or indirectly contribute to the overall development of the economy worldwide. After completing all your skilled trade schools degrees, you will learn how to become an electrician. Then, you can either start a business on your own or jump into the union field. Plus, these options can make around six-figure salaries. For Readers!

Indeed, it would help if you did not give this career journey a second thought. Numerous trade schools in Philadelphia offer the electrician certification program at affordable rates. PTTI, one of the best technical college that offers students the chance to become master electricians. Therefore, start your journey into trades today!

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