Wonder Woman Movie Review

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie from Warner Bros. since Nolan donned the cape and mask, and it looks beautiful and is a lot of fun. The fight scenes are a work of art directed by Patty Jenkins. Gal Gadot is royal. Chris Pine is really cute. And Jenkins has created a film that honors the iconic lead character. Continue reading Wonder Woman Movie Review to learn more about the film.


Script Analysis

Wonder Woman from the scripting stage is an image with multiple parallel superhero beginnings. However, he is different in his own right. His legend is similar to that of Superman. Superman is an extraterrestrial being whose appreciation for human love and care after being banished from the planet sustains him as a servant of humanity who believes in inner love and dignity. On the other hand, Wonder Woman is also an alien to the human species. He is an Amazonian, created by God to end conflict. As he discovers in his journey, humanity or any race fights for supremacy inside, and there is no definite good and evil, a line drawn in the heart of a child. It’s all gray, and Diana, like us, wants love to triumph over imaginary boundaries.


Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, is superb as Diana of Themyscira, who blends grandeur with beauty. The actress has a firm grip on the role, which will be sure to come sometime. He was born to play this character. Diana’s uncertainty about the current world and her role in it (why are women considered second class/slaves??) is both informative and humorous, so the moments of frivolity are welcome. There is no justification for this other than the old saying “That’s the way things are…”. Wonder Woman was by far the best part of BvS and will almost certainly dominate any future Justice League. Chris Pine is lovable, and his relationship with Gal Gadot is both genuine and earned. When the film started suffocating with its own story, both of them took the film forward. The antagonistic characters are well developed, including Ares’ reveal in a sloppy and CGI-heavy climactic showdown that makes it very hard to care.


The cinematography was excellent, perfectly capturing the Amazonian and 1940s London atmosphere. In terms of visual effects, the m4ufree film suffers from the usual issues such as the rushed Themyscira sequence, the CG sometimes reminding us of early 2000’s effects (which works in the film’s favor as it gives it pulpy mass) and In slow-motion sequences, key battles feature Snyder Plackett and Jenkins compromising on maintaining the DCEU style.

Final Words

Wonder Woman, like many superhero origin stories, follows a pattern, but what really draws us in is the purity of character and story. Well, old Greek mythology is constantly present, and even in the novel trying to imagine a god killer to end all wars, Ares is the equivalent of the final story of Kalki and Kali promised by our mythology . It only takes one American superhero to return to our origins. Anyway, the film aims to maintain the DC Universe aesthetic established by the Nolan brothers, rather than follow Snyder’s desaturated and boring fight-each-other-scene approach. An amazing superhero movie that sets up its characters just like Captain America: The First Avenger! Enjoy it!

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